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Milling of work pieces up till 10 tons. Zayer with tool magazine of 60 tools and indexable head. Milling range: 5000 x 2000 mm x 1500 mm.

Technical details

x-axis: 5000 mm

y-axis: 1500 mm

Z-axis: 2000 mm


The zayer’s magazine contains 60 tools.

Rotating head

Due to the rotating head one axis can gain a extra travel distance of 500 mm.

The rotating head has 2 axes of 360.000 positions. This allows us to mill all sides of the workspace with one fixture.


Import 3D model (step, inventor ipt)

Solid Edge sends Heidenhain control.

2D drawings need to have all tolerances and hole diameters.

The usage of a 3D model provides a fast and faultless production.

Maximum weight

Lifting bridge of 10 Tons . (2 times 6.3 tons)

Examples of milled work pieces


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