Clinching automation for precision profiles

Clinching automation for steel precision profiles with lengths up to 6 meters.


  • A pack of lose precision profiles is placed on the roller conveyor at the input.
  • The profiles are pulled down on the conveyor and are stacked manually 2 by 2 against a positioning plate on the conveyor belt.
  • The conveyor belt moves the profiles sideways until the end stop.
  • In this position are the profiles lifted and locked by the gripper.
  • This gripper is powered by a servo motor which pushes the profile step-by-step through the clinching press at the correct distance.
  • When the gripper from the input reaches the final couple of steps the gripper on the output side takes over to ensure quality clinches.
  • The output gripper positions the profile for stacking.
  • The stacker picks up the profile, tilts it a quarter turn and stacks the profiles on the output conveyor belt.
  • The conveyor belt brings the finished stack beyond the light curtain where the operator can tie the stack together and take it away for delivery.

Astratec produced this machine for Voestalpine Präzisionsprofil GmbH.

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