Flange production line with integrated plasma cutter

Automated production line voor flanges with integration of Astratec plasma


Input and unstacker

  • A full pallet unmarked flanges is put on a conveyor by a forklift. The conveyor imports the the pallet into the machine.
  • A photcell detects the position. The photocell can be adjusted to the type of flange.
  • The pallet is lifted hydraulic.
  • The PLC positions the the right place for clamping.
  • The gripper clamps the opper flange. Meanwhile the pallet lowers a couple of cm so the gripper can close completely.


  • After rolling the flanges they bulge at one side.
  • In the first working station they are straightened hydraulically.


  • This station is equipped with a dot peen scribing unit that is used for engraving all kinds of markings and client logos.


  • This station contains 2 drilling units for making holes of 3 mm to 16 mm. With the 2 units it is possible to drill 2 holes at once either with the same or a different diameter.


  • In this station the flange is punched to make the centeren over the core go more smoothly.


  • An existing plasma cutter was integrated in the production line.
  • The plasma cutter is used the create holes with bigger diameters and more complex hole patterns.


  • This chamfer unit Prepares the central holes for welding.


  • Hydraulic press to push the central hole over as welding preparation.


  • The flanges are automatically stacked and transported out of the machine on a roller conveyor at the output station.

Transport between stations

  • For transporting the flanges between stations SCHUNK electromagnets are used.

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