Rinsing machine

Degreasing machine with automatic input and output and flexible filling robot.

Image - Rinsing machine

How does it work?

  • Fuel tanks or hydraulic tanks are being placed on a feed station.
  • The barcode of the tanks is being scanned and the tanks are automatically being brought in the machine.
  • The filling robot brings a prescribed amount of rinsing liquid in the tank.
  • Subsequently the tanks are being rotated in order to rinse the inner side.
  • The outer side is being continuously rinsed by nozzles.

Extra options

  • It is also possible to continuously provide fresh rinsing liquid in the tanks during the rotation.
  • The rinsing liquid is being filtered continuously.
  • Per product the following parameters are configurable:
    • Filling position (XYZ) of the filling robot
    • Direction of rotation
    • Number of rinsing cycles
    • Duration of turning left and right
  • Products for Caterpillar, Nacco, Doosan, Liebherr, JLG, Manitou.