Stacking robot

Robot automation for stacking of reinforcement bars for concrete.

The robot lifts the reinforcement bars, alternating between de output of the production line (down) and the elevator (up). This allows every second mesh to be placed upside down. The robot makes a gently circling movement during the stacking process, which causes de reinforcement meshes to be nested and thus increases the stacking range. The robot automation is capable of placing 200 reinforcement bars a pallet. Before only 150 pieces a pallet were possible. The reinforcement bars are stacked to a height of 1.2 meters.

The elevator lifts de reinforcement bars pneumatically. The grippers of both the robot and elevator are easily adjustable to accommodate all different diameters of the products.

The robot communicates with the automation is through profinet. A full end-to-end access (eWon) is also provided, which results in less downtime and a faster return to complete production for the client.

Astratec produced this machine for Vandewalle bv.

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