Turntable automation for screen printing of diagnostic slides

Automation for screen printing of diagnostic slides for medical research labs.

Image - Turntable automation for screen printing of diagnostic slides


  • Turntable with 4 positions provided with vacuum.
  • Unprinted slides are imported in 7 loading mechanism.
  • In table position 1 a servo driven pick and place brings 7 slides to the turn table.
  • In the next table position are the slides aligned in the correct printing position.
  • At the next post the slides are printed by the screen printing machine.
  • Lastly the sprinted slides are picked up at the edges.
  • During the output movement are the printed slides controlled for quality by a vision system.
  • The approved slides are put down in arrangement while the rejected slides are discarded. While the slides are put down they are brought closer together.
  • The output sheets are moved by a conveyor belt. These steel plates are used to move the slides to the oven.
  • This automation has a cyclus time of less then 5 seconds for 7 slides and consequently produces 84 slides a minute.

Astratec produced this machine for Immuno-cell.


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