Control & operation

Astratec cutting machines are easy to use, safe, and efficient.


  • Industrial control Beckhoff 5.3 Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Powerful PC based software (Windows)
  • Very fast controller (cycle time 1ms) contributes to a high cutting quality.
  • 19 inch LCD color screen (Assets / control console)
  • Network connection for service


  • Control console separately on frame. This allows the operator to prepare the following nesting and recipes. This increases the productivity of the machine.
  • Loading programs via network or USB
  • Operation language setting: English / Dutch / French / German

Extra options

User-friendly operation via ExpertSystem. This allows the operator to quickly set cutting parameters by choosing material, thickness and cutting current. The ExpertSystem also indicates torch parts to be placed.

The main controls are located on the side of the machine portal to control the cutting torch in 6 directions. This allows the operator to operate the machine manually with an optimal overview.

SheetTRIM allows the operator to cut the rest plate after cutting the parts using a joystick on the side of the machine to quickly remove the residue.

The torch protection protects the torch against collisions with tilted parts. Resuming the cutting process is immediately possible.

Thanks to plate orientation, the control automatically takes the rotation of the plate into account.

Parking positions can be flexibly programmed to replace torch parts and loading positions.

If the machine is interrupted during cutting by, for example, a power failure, the SMARTaid function remembers the position and work can be resumed immediately, without losing valuable material.