A separate cutting table and rack drive ensure greater reliability for your machine.
Image Astratec - Plasma cutting machines and Welding automation

Separate tables versus combination table

Astratec’s plasma tables are not connected to the positioning frame: this avoids deformation, deflection and dimensional deviations for heavy plates or falling plates.

Tooth bar drive versus belt drive

  • Direct drive of reduction on rack, and therefore no transmission via timing belt. Belt transmissions are often used to neatly conceal the engine, but are completely wrong. A belt is like a spring placed between them.
  • Low backlash gear units from Alpha.
  • The gear is shrunk directly on the output shaft which provides much higher rigidity. Reduction should minimize the amount of springs.
  • The output shaft is taken as thick as possible, with the smallest possible gear for stiffness.
  • Use of Bosch linear bearings.
  • The connection between rack and bearing is very rigid. Positioning errors are thus avoided.
Image Astratec - Plasma cutting machines and Welding automation