Flange turntable spot weld automation

Turntable automation for spot welding of clips to metal flanges. With robot integration and vision system to pick up the clips.


  • Turntable with 4 positions.
  • Input of flange is followed by centering and pneumatic clamping.
  • Alignment of the flange by means of rotating gripper and laser.
  • The clips is lead to the machine by a vibration feeder.
  • A vision camera recognises the position of the clips and leads the robot.
  • The scara robot picks up the clips and places it into a positioning mold.
  • The six-axle robot takes the clips from the positioning mold and sets it correctly in the flange.
  • The clips is spot welded to the flange.
  • A pneumatic guide axel exports the finished flange.

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